How Hard is it to get a Job at Google in 2021? Steps Explained

In case you’re thinking about how hard it is to get a job at Google, I will share what I know dependent on my experience as a tech selection representative. 

Getting any work at Google is extreme since they enlist the most elite, and they get a TON of candidates. (This is the primary explanation, it’s so difficult to get a job at Google). 

Be that as it may, it very well may be finished. What’s more, if you need to get recruited by Google, ensure you read until the end since I’m likewise going to share my top tips for how you can get a job at Google. (It is difficult, however, you can defeat the chances by making a couple of explicit strides). 

In the first place, here’s actually how hard is it to get a job at Google… 

How Hard is it to Get a Job at Google? 

It is hard to get a job at Google due to their quality norms and the high number of utilizations they get each year. For instance, INC revealed that Google gets 2 million employment forms each year, which implies it’s more serious to get into than Harvard University. Be that as it may, a few thousand individuals do get recruited by Google every year, so it very well may be finished! 

(In the second 50% of this article I’ll share how to get a job at Google, so continue to peruse). 

In the first place, we should glance in more detail at why it’s so difficult to get a job at Google. 

Google needs to employ splendid, roused, achieved individuals. There’s no glossing over it. 

Regardless of whether you’re applying to be a computer programmer or work in an alternate region inside Google, they just need to employ the most elite. 

They will see what organizations you’ve worked for before and are probably not going to employ you and meeting you in case you’re coming from no-name organizations that aren’t handling huge difficulties as is Google. 

They will take a gander at your instructive foundation, particularly in case you’re hoping to get a job as a Computer Engineer or Programmer at Google. 

(While there are numerous dev “boot camps” and fast approaches to master programming, Google is as yet going to support a conventional 4-year Computer Science certificate – or more – for large numbers of their designing positions, information designing jobs, and so forth 

Google can be exacting a direct result of the number of uses they get. 

Since Google gets 2 million applications per year, they’re ready to be particular across all groups, and for a wide range of jobs – from designing situations to client care. 

Regardless of what sort of occupation you apply for at Google, you will be going toward individuals emerging from other incredible innovation organizations (Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, and so on) 

You’ll be conflicting with individuals with exceptionally noteworthy instructive foundations, as well. Google gets many candidates from alumni of Harvard, MIT, and other top tech/software engineering programs. 

Be that as it may, you can get a job at Google, it’s as yet worth applying on the off chance that you think you’d prefer to work there. 

In the following piece of this article, I will share how YOU can expand your opportunity of finding a new line of work at Google. 

Compose the ideal resume 

A conventional resume won’t get you a meeting at Google. Given that it is so difficult to get a job at Google, you need a resume that is completely customized to the work you’re applying for. 

Likewise ensure you’re discussing what you’ve achieved in past jobs, not exactly what you were answerable for. 

This is an enormous contrast and is one of the top resumes I see as a selection representative. 

Step by step instructions to Get a Job at Google 

Since we’ve taken a gander at the fact that it is so difficult to get a job at Google, I need to give you the means to follow that will give you the most obvious opportunity at beating the chances! 

Systems administration is your most obvious opportunity 

  1. To begin with, your most obvious opportunity is being presented by somebody in your organization. That is not so much as an assurance you’ll get met, however organizing is consistently the most proficient approach to get a job since organizations trust you more when you’re prescribed to them. 
  2. Start by glancing through your contacts (preferably on LinkedIn because you can see their current and past managers there), and see who has a current or past association with Google. 
  3. The most ideal approach to move toward somebody you haven’t spoken with in some time is to pose an inquiry. Never request a major courtesy forthright; that will get your message erased. 
  4. You’d need to request something little from the start, this way: “Greetings Jeff – I saw you joined Google! That is astounding. Well done on landing the position. I’m considering beginning a pursuit of employment myself. Are there a couple of things you did that assisted you with standing out enough to be noticed?” 
  5. Or then again here’s another model: “Greetings Amy – how have you been since leaving XYZ organization? I had a snappy inquiry: I’m beginning a pursuit of employment soon and will attempt to get on Google’s radar (alongside various other top tech organizations). I realize you used to work in HR for Google, however. Are there a couple of things an applicant can never really get out to Google before applying? Anything you can share would be incredible.” 
  6. Presently in a perfect world, you’d like somebody to offer to acquaint you with a recruiting chief at Google, or suggest you for a task. Yet, you never need to begin the discussion by requesting a major courtesy. 
  7. What’s more, yes – that is a HUGE courtesy. You’re requesting somebody to stick their neck out and vouch for you. 
  8. So start a little like the model systems administration contents above. That is the way to get a job at Google through systems administration. 

If you need more assistance with this, I share more tips and models in this article on the best way to secure your fantasy position. 

Be steady 

Since it is so difficult to get recruited by Google, you probably won’t prevail on your first attempt. 

So be tenacious. Apply again in a half year on the off chance that you don’t get them to see you at this moment. 

What’s more, apply in any event, when you’re at present utilized somewhere else. Organizations are more pulled into competitors that are presently working (not reasonable, but rather evident!) 

This article clarifies the advantages of searching for a task while utilized. 

So if you attempt to get a job at Google, don’t exactly succeed, and acknowledge another position… you can in any case go after more positions at Google in a half year or a year. 

Since they didn’t care for you for one situation at one point in time doesn’t mean they will not think about you later on. 

Perhaps they thought your resume was very acceptable, however, they just got a couple of different applications that appeared to be a superior fit. 

Or on the other hand, perhaps they required somebody with more experience, however, the group you applied to has developed and now needs more junior-level individuals. 

You never know, so your best strategy for how to get a job at Google is to continue applying, continue to arrange, and not simply surrender after a couple of uses.

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