How Hard is CCNA?

A year ago, Cisco pulled out all the stops and switched up a large portion of its affirmation program — particularly at the CCNA level. There’s currently one CCNA cert to govern them all, as opposed to singular ones attached to strength territories like security and the cloud. 

Presently that we’re well past the February 24, 2020 delivery date for the new CCNA certificate, we can assess the new CCNA. How did these progressions deal with the CCNA certs? Is the new CCNA harder or simpler than the old CCNA? 

What is CCNA 

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a data innovation (IT) certificate from Cisco Systems. CCNA accreditation is a partner-level Cisco Career certification.

The Cisco tests have changed a few times because of the transforming IT patterns. In 2020, Cisco declared an update to its affirmation program that “Solidified and refreshed partner-level preparing and certification.” Cisco has combined the past various sorts of Cisco-certified Network Associate with an overall CCNA confirmation 

Understanding What’s New 

Before February 24, you could pick one of the accompanying ways for your CCNA: 

  • CCNA Cloud 
  • CCNA Collaboration 
  • CCNA Data Center 
  • CCNA Industrial 
  • CCNA Routing and Switching 
  • CCNA Service Provider 
  • CCNA Wireless 

This alternative needed at any rate two tests to get ensured, and sometimes, more. Furthermore, if something changed while you were chipping away at your CCNA, it wasn’t generally pretty much as straightforward as changing the way you were taking. With the new CCNA, you’re simply needed to take one test to get affirmed. Practicing comes later, so this gives you greater adaptability in case you’re new to Cisco certs. 

How Hard is the New CCNA? 

Pass rates will recount the story a year or so from now, yet we can make a few surmisings today. All in all, the new CCNA is turning out to be more earnest than the old CCNA. 

The progressions necessitate that you have a more extensive information base. Already, you could slip your way into CCNA Routing and Switching by getting going with a CCENT (resigned Feb 24, 2020) to get you into the CCNA Routing and Switching. This likewise helped slide you into other CCNA ways as it were. That is not, at this point conceivable, which can worsen procuring the new CCNA. 

With the new CCNA, you don’t lose center zones, they’ve quite recently been supplanted by Specialist affirmations (more on that later). However, you are going into a test that covers additional systems administration essentials. This requires a more extensive view and comprehension of the material. This isn’t to imply that the old CCNA certs didn’t cover essentials, however, the new CCNA makes a plunge somewhat further. Thus, the test can be more difficult than the past CCNA. 

The trouble originates from the way that the new CCNA covers present-day network essentials from start to finish. That, all by itself, is a great deal of ground to cover. Programmability and mechanization specifically can be trying for more current systems administration masters. While DevOps and computerization appear to be the standard currently, blending programming into systems administration certs is another idea. This can add an extra layer of trouble for cert takers who are alright with fundamental systems administration, yet new to mechanization. 

How the Changes Benefit You 

Before this change, it had been quite a while since Cisco made huge scope changes to their accreditation program. During this time, the necessities for IT experts have changed. Partner level aptitude doesn’t interest such a fixation in any one zone. Regularly, somebody hoping to employ an individual with a CCNA will need that individual to have an essential comprehension of Cisco applications — and have the option to shape that individual into what is best for that association. This gives a make movement way as you continue to progress in your vocation. 

At the point when the opportunity arrives that you’re prepared to make the following stride, you’ll have the option to get a Cisco specialization that will help you shape your profession to fit the necessities of your association. This likewise gives you much more adaptability than you recently had. If your vocation brings you down an alternate way, you can undoubtedly move your concentration to that territory. The change delineates a make way of movement that will probably build achievement rates for those going the CCNA course. The entirety of this is in the long run set you up pleasantly for something like a CCNP in the territory you choose to zero in on. 

With such countless changes to what exactly is needed for somebody to get into IT, It’s normal that associations will begin searching for the individuals who have these new required abilities. 

Taking a gander at the 200-301 CCNA 

As referenced previously, the new CCNA will currently just expect you to take one test, the 200-301 CCNA. While there are no conventional requirements, Cisco suggests that you have in any event the accompanying experience: 

  • At least one years of involvement carrying out and controlling Cisco arrangements 
  • Information on essential IP tending to 
  • A decent comprehension of organization essentials 

Thus, while you could simply hop directly into the test, it is anything but a smart thought to go into this without in any event getting ready. In case you’re now placing in the preparation venture, you should take advantage of it. 

The 200-301 test is 120-minutes in length and covers a wide scope of subjects. It anticipates that you should comprehend the IT essentials that are needed for the most recent occupation prerequisites in an IT profession. You’ll be required to get security and robotization and programmability. You ought to hope to cover the accompanying subjects: 

  • Organization essentials 
  • Organization access 
  • IP availability 
  • IP administrations 
  • Security essentials 
  • Robotization and programmability 

This test is a union of the relative multitude of partner-level affirmations. It’s intended to approve your insight into the present central systems administration abilities. When you breeze through the test, your new CCNA will stay legitimate for a very long time before you need to recertify. 


The new CCNA generally is somewhat harder than the past one. It is requesting that new IT experts show a more extensive arrangement of abilities. The uplifting news is it’s setting you up for genuine assumptions. By getting this cert, you show that you have the right stuff needed to work with the present organizations. Also, with Cisco being however regarded as it seems to be, getting the current CCNA will give you the edge when attempting to find that work you’re searching for. 

The prerequisites for a partner-level IT proficient are evolving. Having an essential comprehension of all regions is normal now. The progressions to the CCNA are intended to set you up for what is normal for you at this level while making it simpler to improve abilities that apply to your prosperity.

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