How Hard is the CHST Exam?

Is acquiring your Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certificate on your rundown of objectives for 2018? On the off chance that it is, you’re in the ideal spot to find out about what the cycle involves.

In this post, I will lay out the CHST exam measure from applying to breezing through the exam. For the individuals who have perused my post on taking the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam this post will peruse like it. 

Applying for the CHST Exam 

The initial phase in the process is to apply to sit for the exam. To apply to sit for the exam BCSP charges $140.00. The qualification prerequisites come directly from the BCSP CHST Guide and are as per the following: 

Scholarly Requirement: All people applying for the CHST should have a secondary school confirmation or GED. 

Experience Requirement: To fit the bill for the examination, CHST up-and-comers should have three (3) long periods of involvement in at any rate 35% of essential occupation obligations including security, wellbeing, and natural 

Applying for the CHST is a straightforward measure. After you arrange a profile on BCSP you can apply for whatever exam you decide to. For the CHST, BCSP requests your secondary school graduation (or GED) data just as your professional training. The application is an arrangement similar to an application for a task. They need to guarantee you have at any rate three years of wellbeing experience in the development business just as a secondary school-level instruction. 

You don’t need to show evidence of anything you give on the application except if they decide to review you. That being said, ensure you are being straightforward and can give administrative work to back up the thing you are guaranteeing on the application! 

Getting Accepted to Sit for the Exam 

At the point when I applied for the ASP, it required around fourteen days to get an email back saying that I was qualified to sit for the exam. At the point when I applied for the CHST, it just took a couple of workdays to hear back that I had the option to sit for the exam. I don’t know whether the short standby time was because I previously acquired my ASP. In any case, I would hope to stick around fourteen days before hearing back from BCSP. 

Planning Your CHST Exam 

Whenever you are acknowledged to sit for the test you can buy the exam on the BCSP site (which costs $300.00). When you buy the exam through BCSP you get a code that will permit you to get to testing times and dates at a Pearson Vue Testing Center. 

Utilizing your code from BCSP, you will want to see testing times and areas around there. Pearson suggests you plan your exam, in any event, a month and a half early to guarantee that you get the time you need. Contingent upon your area, there might be openings in just fourteen days. 

I suggest booking the exam for a date you feel great with and adhering to it. On the off chance that you do need to drop or change the date, you can do as such and not lose the exam cost as long as you give 24 hours’ notification. 

Reading for the CHST Exam 

(Note: Any connections to Amazon are offshoot joins which implies we acquire a little commission at no additional charge to you when you buy a thing. Offshoot joins permit us to keep on making free substances and cover expenses of running the site.) 

How you decide to study will be dependent upon you. I will diagram how I dealt with getting ready for the CHST exam here. The following are some review consequences of other CHSTs to give extra thoughts for study materials to utilize. 

In the wake of passing the ASP two years prior, I decided to approach reading for the CHST somewhat better. I just utilized two assets to consider. My primary asset was simply the SPAN Study Workbooks and I additionally utilized the CHST Exam Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix 

I like to utilize notecards when I am reading for an exam. I utilized the SPAN exercise manuals to evaluate my insight and afterward made note cards with data that I expected to catch up on. The SPAN exercise manuals have a great many inquiries just as careful clarifications for each question. I would go through a segment, grade myself, and afterward return to the clarifications of each question and complete as numerous notecards on a case by case basis. 

When I finished the principal SPAN exercise manual I set aside some effort to examine the notecards before moving onto the following exercise manual which has various 100 inquiry practice tests in it. I rehashed the interaction with the second SPAN exercise manual and afterward read through the CHST Exam Secrets Study Guide to check whether there was any data I was absent. After that, I just kept on considering my notecards and when required, looked into extra data on OSHA’s site. 

Other Study Materials Individuals Used 

I additionally overviewed 10 others who breezed through the CHST exam (more about the review beneath) and one of the inquiries I posed was what study materials they utilized. Since there were just 10 respondents I will sum up what they detailed: 

  • Two Respondents-SPAN Self Workbooks and CHST Exam Secrets Study Guide 
  • Two Respondents-SPAN Self Workbooks 
  • One Respondent-CHST Exam Secrets Study Guide 
  • One Respondent-SPAN Self Workbooks and SPAN Workshop 
  • One Respondent-SPAN Self Workbooks and Online Exams 
  • One Respondent-SPAN Self Study Software 
  • One Respondent-CHST Exam Secrets Study Guide, SPAN Self Workbooks, and a duplicate of OSHA 1926
  • One Respondent-ASSE Exam Prep 

Taking the CHST Exam 

Like I said before you need to go to a Pearson Vue testing focus to take the exam. It is imperative to appear ahead of schedule to get endorsed for the exam. At the point when I went, there were around 10 others taking exams, anyway, just a couple were taking the BCSP exams. The others were stepping through examinations like the GMAT. 

Pearson treats the cycle appropriately. You need to secure the entirety of your assets before going into the testing room, aside from a mini-computer. There are endorsed models recorded on the BCSP CHST Full Guide. I like and utilize the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS mini-computer. If you like, you can carry two adding machines with you. They furnish you with a dry eradicate board and marker to do math or whatever else on. 

The real exam is on the PC and has a four-hour time limit. There are 200 different decision questions (A through D) on the exam. You can “banner” questions and return to any question anytime. Exploit the banner component and scribble notes down of what questions were what numbers so if an answer hits you later in the exam you can productively return to it without burning through much time. 

After you click “Submit Test” you don’t get your outcomes (at any rate at my testing community). You need to leave the testing community and they print out the outcomes and spot them face down on a work area. As far as I might be concerned, it was a 30-foot stroll to my printed results, however, it felt like 300 feet. I turned the paper over and I saw RESULT: PASS at the highest point of the page. 

What’s on the CHST Exam 

I’m not going to go into particulars about what is on the CHST. At the point when you apply for the test BCSP expects you to consent to not reveal particulars of what is on the exam. All things considered, there are a lot of assets, including BCSP’s guide for the CHST, that separate what is on the test. All that I have given in this post is data that is handily gotten to through BCSP, SPAN, Pearson, and so on. I’m just laying out the interaction so others feel more great starting the testing cycle. I’m not unveiling the real issues and replies on the exam.

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