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Campus Equity Week Observed at Front Range and Red Rocks Community Colleges

November 8, 2014

Campus Equity Week, sponsored by the AAUP,  draws attention to the inequities of the two-tier faculty system on campuses across North America. The vast majority of faculty nationally now hold insecure part- and full-time non-tenure-track positions, subject to exploitative employment conditions.

Colorado is no exception to this trend. Adjunct instructors in Colorado’s community colleges take home one-third of the pay of their “regular” faculty counterparts–for doing approximately the same work. Adjunct instructors are prevented from qualifying for inclusion on their employer’s health insurance plan. They receive no paid sick leave, so they must teach when they are sick or be docked for work time missed due to illness. These are  only a few of the inequities in the Colorado Community College System’s employment practices. Consequently, Colorado’s community college students’ access to instructors who are available and adequately compensated is increasingly rare. As is often said, “Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.”

To draw attention to their diminished working conditions and students’ consequently diminished learning conditions,  AAUP members at Front Range and Red Rocks Community Colleges  observed Campus Equity Week October 27 – 31, 2015.

frcc cew 2014

Caprice Lawless, Suzanne Hudson, and Sue Loves distribute flu shot vouchers, health care packets, and AAUP membership information at Front Range Community College.


red rocks CEW table

Natasha McConnachie and Anne Emmons display the benefits of  AAUP membership during Campus Equity Week at Red Rocks Community College.



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