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The most influential AAUP state caucus in America.

May 30, 2014

I may be biased, but I think AAUP Colorado is the most influential state caucus in America. Where’s my proof? In 2012, two members of our leadership team, Don Eron and Suzanne Hudson won the Tacey Award from the Assembly of State Conferences. Today, we learned that two other members of our leadership team have been similarly honored.

Former Co-President Dean Saitta from the University of Denver is the winner of this year’s Tacey Award from the ASC. Here’s a passage from the letter that nominated him so that you can get an idea of his incredible service to the organization in particular and the professoriate in general:

“His contributions to the development of the Colorado Conference are extraordinary across a broad band of leadership and service categories. In 2006, he took the lead in reviving DU’s moribund AAUP Chapter, organizing faculty and championing academic freedom and shared governance on campus. He quickly became the go-to person for challenging a range of administrative decisions, from arbitrary faculty evaluations and tenure decisions to championing changes to the faculty manual strengthening shared governance. He designed a compelling webpage enabling colleagues to access AAUP resources and he offers commentary on governance issues both relevant to DU and Colorado higher education. His blogs and commentary relentlessly advanced academic freedom on campus and throughout the state and his skilled analysis of violations of faculty rights have been instrumental in reversing several unwarranted administrative decisions adversely affecting both untenured and tenured colleagues on the DU campus, CU-Denver Medical School, and elsewhere.”

Caprice Lawless, the fearless leader of our Front Range Community College chapter, is the winner of the AAUP’s Al Sumberg Award this year. Here’s a piece of her nomination letter:

“The Colorado Conference of the AAUP sponsored an historic bill in the 2014 legislative session titled The Community College Pay and Benefits Equity Act of 2014 (HB14-1154). This bill, which would become known as Colorado’s equal pay for equal work legislation, was instigated by Caprice Lawless, an adjunct instructor and president of the Front Range Community College chapter of the AAUP. Caprice built the FRCC chapter by recognizing the exploitation of the adjunct workforce at Colorado’s community colleges through below-poverty wages and denial of benefits. For example, when the full-time faculty were given free flu shots while the adjunct faculty, who comprise 85% of the workforce at FRCC and receive no sick pay or health insurance, were ignored, Caprice contacted the Department of Health and obtained flu shot vouchers, which she labeled with AAUP stickers and handed out to adjunct faculty. Caprice takes adjunct faculty to food banks every week; she maintains a blog that addresses the indignities of adjunct faculty’s working conditions.”

Congratulations to them both. It is truly an honor to work with them on behalf of faculty everywhere.

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