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FIRE Stands Up for Tim McGettigan

January 23, 2014

smaller logo jpgThe Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has written a letter to CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare that dismantles every one of the university’s legal justifications for the actions taken against Professor McGettigan, vigorously defends McGettigan’s First Amendment rights, and urges complete restoration of his email privileges.  FIRE’s letter is posted below. The Colorado Conference’s response to President Di Mare is here.  Other McGettigan case materials are here.

The Colorado Conference is profoundly grateful to FIRE for taking up this case.  Co-President Steve Mumme of CSU-Fort Collins writes:

It is unfortunately true that many administrators in Colorado higher education are unaccustomed to serious faculty dissent and reflexively regard it as illegitimate.  That is something the Colorado Conference hopes to change. But we need allies like FIRE in tackling egregious instances of abuse as seen in the McGettigan case.  FIRE’s  intervention helps us send a national message and it is only as a national cause that administrators at CSU-Pueblo and other colleges and universities will ever be dissuaded from employing heavy handed tactics to silence faculty voice.

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