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DU Chapter President Responds to Denver Post Editorial About Patricia Adler

December 24, 2013


Today the Denver Post published a letter by University of Denver AAUP chapter president Dean Saitta responding to its house editorial about the Patti Adler case at CU-Boulder. The full text of the letter is below, as well as here.

Your editorial seriously minimizes academic due process failures in the Patti Adler case. You acknowledge that allegations about classroom misconduct have not been appropriately investigated, yet you still presume that Adler is guilty. You defend the University of Colorado, yet you completely ignore the CU administration’s constantly changing story about why they’re concerned about Adler’s teaching. You urge a sociology department review of Adler’s course, yet there’s no credible evidence that her course needs more peer oversight than any other. You lecture your readers about the meaning of academic freedom and the scope of students’ rights, yet you have no qualms about contributing to the public shredding of a distinguished professor’s reputation.

Academic freedom has its limits. But no one has academic freedom where due process is in shambles.

Dean SaittaDenver

The writer is president of the University of Denver chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

This letter was published in the Dec. 24 edition.

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