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Feeding Community College Adjunct Faculty

September 30, 2013

MemLogo_Coloradoan Logo NEWBecause 70% of the teachers who teach 85% of the classes at Front Range Community College earn below-poverty level wages, the FRCC Chapter of the American Association of University Professors has begun sponsoring weekly visits to area food banks for the college’s 500 adjunct teachers.

According to the most recently published Colorado Community College System audit, less than 11% of its $579 million annual revenue goes to those who teach 85% of the courses the system offers the adjunct faculty. The average FRCC custodian for example, earns twice the average annual pay of an adjunct, even while hundreds of adjuncts have been teaching the equivalent of a full-time course load for years. The college’s foundation support has quadrupled; tuition and enrollments have also risen. Consequently, only a tiny fraction of CCCS support comes from Colorado taxpayers. Nevertheless, FRCC uses its monies to hire more administrators and to remodel buildings. Such decisions lead adjunct faculty to realize their work is undervalued, and that there is very little community in the community college.  For the full story of what this means for adjunct faculty at FRCC, go here.

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