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In the News: AAUP Proposal for Gun Awareness on Campus

June 4, 2013

RayColorado Conference Executive Committee member Ray Hogler published an opinion piece in the Fort Collins Coloradoan on June 2, 2013 that featured proposed Conference guidelines for gun awareness on public college and university campuses. Professor Hogler’s full piece is here, under a title that–regrettably–suggests an interest in gun regulation. The central element of the AAUP proposal is this:

We suggest that institutions ask all students and employees if they have a concealed carry permit and create a database with that information, which would be accessible to anyone with proper login credentials. A faculty member could readily determine if any students in his or her classes had a permit and, if so, the teacher could request an armed security guard for the class. If an employee discovered that a co-worker had a permit, the employee could ask to be transferred to another workplace, or, alternatively, to have any weapons placed in a secure location during working hours.

This proposal does not infringe on anyone’s right to buy, own, or carry a gun.  Nor does it violate any existing Colorado statutes.  Rather, it simply seeks to balance the rights of gun owners with the rights of others who–all things considered, and statistics about who’s most likely to be a campus shooter notwithstanding–prefer their classroom and workplace environments to be gun-free.

Responses to Professor Hogler’s piece run the predictable gamut, as evident here,  here, and here.   Readers can judge the reasonableness of the different responses for themselves.

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