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Don Eron Appointed to National AAUP Committee A

September 22, 2012

Don Eron

Don Eron, a Senior Instructor in the Writing and Rhetoric Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder and Colorado AAUP member, has been appointed to the National AAUP’s Committee A. Committee A promotes principles of academic freedom, tenure, and due process in higher education. It develops policy documents and reports relating to these principles and applies them to particular situations that are brought to its attention. National AAUP staff is authorized to receive, on behalf of the committee, complaints of departures from academic freedom and due process standards and, where appropriate, to undertake formal investigations. Such investigations may lead to a recommendation from the committee to the Association’s national council and annual meeting that the administration of an institution be censured for failure to adhere to the principles of academic freedom and tenure as endorsed by the AAUP and hundreds of other professional and educational organizations. A complete list of Committee A members is here. Links to Committee A statements are here and links to its Investigative Reports are here.

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