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DU Faculty Senate Passes Motion on Arthur Gilbert

May 30, 2012

Last Friday, at its last meeting of the 2011-12 academic year,  the University of Denver’s Faculty Senate passed a motion urging that the university’s administration vacate the sexual harassment finding against Professor Arthur Gilbert.  Details of the case, with links to background materials, were previously reported here.  The motion was phrased this way:

Given that the academic context of Professor Gilbert’s classroom speech was never considered during the investigation that found him guilty of sexual harassment, we urge that the administration vacate the finding of sexual harassment and remove this stain from Professor Gilbert’s official personnel record.
The vote was 22 yes, 11 no, and 11 abstentions.  The 33 senators voting represent a quorum.  This is a solid majority victory. A majority of 17 campus AAUP members had previously signed a letter urging similar action by the administration.  The campus-wide Faculty Review Committee had also voted by 9-1 that Professor Gilbert’s due process rights were violated in the run up to his removal from the classroom, suspension from campus, and conviction for creating, in the language of the university’s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, a “sexual harassment hostile” environment.   The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) weighed in on Professor Gilbert’s behalf  and the National AAUP also sent a letter of support.   FIRE has more information here.
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